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Australian-Made Solar-Powered Ventilation


Why Solar Whiz Roof Ventilation?

Solar Whiz roof ventilation systems reduce and prevent heat from building up in roof spaces. This minimises the heat load on ceilings and stops heat from radiating into living or working spaces.

This keeps roof spaces cooler and subsequently keeps internal temperatures lower.

Our fans can also be installed to extract hot, polluted and moist air directly from the inside of the building (see below diagrams).

Houses and businesses are able to cut cooling costs and improve the efficiency of existing cooling systems by installing good roof ventilation such as Solar Whiz.

Eave Vent Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz extracts hot air out of your roof space, and replaces it with cooler ambient air from outside.

Ceiling Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz systems can also extract air directly out of your home interior via ceiling vents.

Ducted Ventilation/Exhaust

If you need specialized extraction, Solar Whiz can be set up with ducting.

PLEASE NOTE: For the Solar Whiz roof ventilator to be effective in removing heat or moisture, replacement air must be accessible. Replacement air is most commonly accessed via eave vent or ceiling vents. Heat or moisture may also be extracted directly via ducting.


Solar-Powered Ventilation Solutions

Solar Whiz fans are solar-powered, making them free to run and sustainable. This is great for anyone interested in reducing their energy costs and use. Our fans help to save customer’s money as well as cutting their fossil fuel dependence!

Solar Whiz is a customisable and adaptable system so it can be run completely on solar power, or it can use a mains power backup. This backup system uses almost negligible amounts of energy and only draws on mainspower to ‘top up’ the unti’s operation. Ask us about our customisable options like night operations and thermostats!


Performs Better Than a Whirlybird or Big Ass Fan

Traditional whirlybirds are a common site on both residential and commercial buildings across Australia. However, they are highly ineffective ventilation solutions. It is important to understand that whirlybirds are a form of passive ventilation and do not move anywhere near enough air to make a difference to indoor comfort levels or air quality.

Read more about whirlybirds here:

Big Ass Fans are another popular ventilation solution, especially in commercial applications. While these fans are powered and do move vast quantities of air, they do not extract any heat or pollution. For this reason, we strongly encourage you and any clients to consider the reasons for installing fans that do not refresh the indoor air and environment.

Read more about Big Ass Fans here:

Solar Whiz in Summer VS Winter

Proper ventilation is important to maintain a healthy and comfortable home all year round.

Most people focus on heat extraction as the main reason for installing ventilation systems. While this is important, another reason to ventilate is to remove excess moisture and humidity.

Spring and Summer Operation

Roof spaces frequently get to temperatures well above 60°C during summer. This has serious for homes and businesses including:

  • Ducting systems (like air-conditioners) have to work harder to achieve the same results. That means that they cost more to operate and burn out faster.
  • Heat radiates downwards from the roof space, making internal rooms hot and uncomfortable. This effect is especially potent in multi-storey buildings as rising heat is already having an effect on the comfort-levels of upper floors.
  • Warped and stressed internal structures from extreme heat exposure.
summer symbol
Spring symbol

Solar Whiz is a potent solution for extracting heat from any roof space. This also increases the efficiency of air-conditioners while keeping the building cooler in the first place!

Autumn and Winter Operation

Ventilation during winter months is often overlooked and forgotten. However, winter usually brings colder and wetter weather that increases the humidity and moisture in roof spaces and interior areas. For homes, the moisture generated by regular household activities like cooking, showering and drying struggles to escape and gets trapped inside.

Businesses are much more diverse in the kinds of activities that can generate heat. These can range from regular office antics to welding machines in large factories. It is equally important to address excess moisture in all kinds of workplaces.

Ultimately, a damp roof space can result in:

winter symbol
autumn symbol
  • Damaged or warped internal structures from prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Mould and mildew growth that can cause or worsen health issues like asthma and dust mites.
  • Rust developing on machinery that is very expensive to replace.
whirlybirds solar powered

Domestic Ventilation Solutions

Check out the specifications for our domestic units here

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Commercial Ventilation

Solar Whiz Commercial is great for any kind of commercial ventilation. We have provided ventilation solutions to an incredibly diverse array of businesses. Check out our case studies to see for yourself!

See our product specifications here

Get a Solar Whiz Commercial quote here

Send us an enquiry about them here

Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub floor ventilation is often the best place to start addressing mould & mildew issues before they become serious & threaten buildings with dry or wet timber rot. It works in the same way as roof ventilation; just underneath the house.

Read more about it here

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Interested in Becoming a Dealer?

Solar Whiz operates through an Australia-wide dealer network and we are always looking for opportunities to expand our reach.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  •  Easy Installation & Setup
  •  A Variety Of Sizes
  •  No Running Costs
  •  Commercial and Residential
  •  DIY Available
  •  Solar Powered
  •  Reduces Heat Build Up In The Roof Space
  •  Different Capacities Available
  •  Thermostat Options Available
  •  Up To x20 Times More Powerful Than A Whirlybird
  •  Sleek and Flexible Design
  •  Designed For Australian Roofs
  •  Reduces Moisture Build Up
  •  Fresh Air Contribution
  •  No Carbon Emission
  •  Quiet Operation
  •  Sub-Floor Ventilation Alternatives
  •  Safe Low Voltage Installation
  •  Easily Tilt To Attract Ultimate Sun
  •  No Electrician Required
  •  Night Pack Available

Our Other Products

Solar Whiz Lights

Skylight Alternatives

“Thanks for getting the lights to us super fast. In regards to the actual system and the output of the LED panels—THEY ABSOLUTLEY ROCK. They have exceeded my expectations, especially in low light.

“I am trying to convince everyone who takes a look at our new renovations to look into installing some. Many thanks for all your help.”

James Gregory

Port Macquarie, NSW

Solar Air Module

Fresh Air & Solar Heating

“The SAM system meets our needs. When the sun is shining, huge amounts of warm, dry and importantly, fresh air is pumped into the house. The effect of this is the ambient temperature in the house reaches 20°C, keeping the home warm for long periods of time. As a result we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuel heating sources between 60% to 80%, depending on the weather conditions. From our perspective the air in the house is also ‘fresher’.
“[…] We are very pleased we installed a SAM system (and the ‘Solar Whiz’) and I would recommend it as a way to offset heating expenses and meet health and environmental needs.”
Michael Matuschka

Ulladulla, NSW

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