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Many people may have heard about seasonal depression and are familiar with winter-time blues. However, most people won’t have considered the unlikely link between good indoor ventilation and seasonal affective disorder. This article will examine how ventilation may help you feel better over the colder months.

Ventilation is the movement of air in an indoor environment. A ventilation system removes the existing air from a space and replaces it with cleaner air usually sourced from outside. There is a range of different benefits that ventilation has for a building and a person’s health that we have discussed a lot on our blog.

Seasonal depression (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a form of depression that usually occurs seasonally during autumn and winter. It is related to changes in sunlight exposure and circadian rhythms and as a result can impact mood, energy levels, appetite and sleep patterns.


How a Lack of Sunlight and Fresh Air Affects Our Bodies

Sunlight and fresh air are incredibly important for our health and well-being. Exposure to sunlight is a major source of vitamin D, which helps to boost our mood and regulate our sleep cycles.

Getting enough fresh air refers to making sure that we are breathing in high-quality air with high levels of oxygen and low levels of pollutants. Breathing in pollution and allergens negatively impacts our general health and lowers our mood. Access to fresh air helps us to feel better in a lot of ways. It increases our body’s access to oxygen which improves mental clarity and energy levels which can have a huge impact on our mood and stress levels.


The Link Between Winter and Seasonal Depression

Sunlight on a winter morningDuring winter, the sun tends to come out less and we tend to stay inside more, which means we don’t get much vitamin D or fresh air. It’s really no surprise then that our bodies suffer as we are deprived of these important energy and mood-boosting sources. We feel more tired and irritable, we usually sleep worse, have less motivation and exercise less. These factors can all have impacts on our emotional and mental well-being. Regular sunlight providing vitamin D and fresh air plays important roles in boosting our moods and non-physical well-being, but we tend to struggle to get enough during winter.

This is why seasonal depression is more common during winter.


The Benefits of Proper Winter Ventilation

Good ventilation extracts existing air from an indoor space and replaces it with fresher, cleaner air. Many people forget that this is important during winter, not just through summer.

Ventilation helps to improve indoor air quality by removing moist and polluted air. As we spend increased amounts of time inside during winter, pollutants build up much more easily. Poor indoor air quality means we don’t get enough fresh air to boost our moods, energy and motivation levels. Leading to increased chances of seasonal depression. Additionally, poor air quality can cause respiratory health problems like asthma which is why proper ventilation is so important in the colder months.

Proper winter ventilation is essential for reducing moisture levels, improving air quality, respiratory health, and overall health. It also greatly improves energy efficiency, saving you money.


Tips for Improving Ventilation in Winter – Solar Whiz Fans

roof extraction fansSolar Whiz ventilation fans are by far the most effective way of improving the ventilation in your home over winter. We provide tailored solutions for each individual home or business with our range of roof and subfloor fans. Our fans are solar-powered which means they can operate without any costs. They are also some of the most powerful ventilation units on the market; our largest domestic fan moves 2300cbm, making it 23x more powerful than a traditional whirlybird!

Our units are proudly Australian-made and designed with Australia’s uniquely harsh climate in mind. Imported brands usually rely on weather and climate conditions being the same here as they are overseas in Europe and America. This makes them less effective ventilation options for Australian homes. Our 12+ years in the Australian ventilation industry have told us that Australian conditions are different from others and each home has specialised needs.

Installing Solar Whiz in your some is our number one tip for improving ventilation in winter. Our units will effectively and efficiently remove stale, moist, and polluted air from your living spaces and flush it out with clean and fresh air from the outside. This will greatly improve indoor air quality, helping you feel better, whilst also reducing the risk of mould, dust mites, and termites.

Other things you can do to help improve ventilation and air quality:

  • Keep doorways between rooms open to maximise airflow between spaces. This will help to increase the exchange of air in your home, meaning your ventilation system can work much more efficiently.
  • Keep indoor plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide (and other pollutants) from the air around them and release oxygen. This can act as an effective air purifier for the indoor environment. Plus, plants are known to have a positive impact on people’s emotional and mental states.



Overall, ventilation is surprisingly important for reducing the risk of seasonal depression. Solar Whiz fans are the best way to ensure that your home has a constant level of airflow delivering healthy and clean air indoors. The improved air quality will give you and your family the best chance to live and feel well this winter.