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Factories and industrial workplaces are well known to generate large amounts of contaminated and polluted air. As we’ve discussed on the blog before, fumes are created by a variety of processes. This includes workers and employees generating heat and CO2 as they work, manufacturing equipment, machinery and processes as well as condensation and dampness that encourage mould growth.

We know that exhaust fans for factories are crucially important when installing commercial ventilation systems. This is because extraction fans and fume extraction help to regulate indoor temperatures, air quality and prolong the lifespan of stored goods.

In light of all this information (also previously talked about on this blog), we thought it was important to provide a few tips for achieving the most effective fume extraction in your factory.


Evaluate the Needs and Conditions of Your Factory

It is important to understand how your facility operates and what its specifications are. This is so that you can make sure all your needs are met. Remove The Fume outlines some great points to consider:

  • What size is the factory? How much floor space is there? How much wall space?
  • Do you have any welding stations? If so, how many and how much welding is done?
  • Where are the points of high machinery activity such as welding or forklift use?

These factors are key to making sure that you have the right extractor fans for your specific requirement, can help you save money, and ensure the health of your workplace. It can also help you identify where an existing system may be ineffective and in need of changing.


Decide if you need constant or adaptable levels of ventilation

Depending on how much the activity varies in your factory you may want a factory ventilation system that can be turned on and off as you choose. Or, it might be better value to have a ‘set and forget system. 

We recognise that flexibility and adaptability are essential in industrial buildings. That’s why Solar Whiz Commercial offers you the choice of either. With a thermostat and/or night operations you can choose when you want your solar exhaust fans to run and when you want them to turn off. An adjustable thermostat allows you to set a temperature at which the unit starts operating. A night operations kit will let you run the unit overnight to extract any remaining fumes or polluted air.


Use Solar Power

We strongly recommend that businesses and people invest in solar energy wherever possible. Because commercial-grade exhaust fans for factories can require huge amounts of energy to operate, which can generate large quantities of harmful gases and fumes.

Solar Whiz extraction fans can run entirely on solar power. That makes them a green option without any operational costs. Our solar exhaust fans are also some of the highest performing units on the market, regardless of energy source. Greener, cheaper, and more effective industrial ventilation solution for welding fume extraction is what every business needs.


Want an example? Check out our installation at MasterForm Systems Pty. Ltd. in Preston Victoria. This facility fabricates formwork and needed help with welding fume extraction. Solar Whiz extractor fans were the perfect product for the job.

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